An Analysis of IT Support Salaries & Compensation

Updated May 25, 2023 by Axel Grubba

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Despite the fact that people are now more reliant and even comfortable with technology, everyone still relies on experts to address key questions and troubleshoot tech issues. This is where IT support specialists come in.

IT support staff are usually available 24/7 to help computer users with any question or problem they face–from connectivity issues to hardware problems, software integrations, and other concerns. In fact, from 2021 to 2031, the job outlook in the IT support field is expected to grow by 6%. Given this, now would be a good time to enter the field if you have the skills and qualifications for it.

In this feature from Remotely, we’ll take an in-depth look into IT support specialist salary, compensation, and benefits so you can decide for yourself if it’s a job worth pursuing.

Salary data presented here is valid as of November 11th, 2022.

What’s the Verdict on IT Support Salary?

According to Glassdoor, IT support staff make $49,752 per year on average. This includes base pay of $46,699 and $3,055 in additional pay.

Depending on various factors (which we’ll go into later), when applying for an IT support role, you can be offered anywhere between a minimum of $33,000, to as much as $79,000 a year.

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Factors that Influence an IT Support Specialist Salary

The average figures we outlined above can throw many people off. That may seem like a low salary, considering how IT support staff are tech workers (who have a reputation for being very well paid).

Unfortunately, your assessment is true: IT support staff are paid far less on average than others in the industry. According to a survey published in May 2022, the average tech worker in the US makes $104,566 per year. IT support staff make half of that amount on average.

Here are some of the factors that will influence your actual salary when you decide to apply for an IT support job.

The Role

The definition of “IT support” varies from company to company.

If you manage to land an IT support role in a big tech company, like Google or Apple, you can earn anywhere between $70,000 – $80,000. Well above the national average of $50,000 for the same role elsewhere.

Qualifying for these positions isn’t easy. You must demonstrate exceptional technical ability and a deep understanding of the company’s products and IT services.

However, IT support workers can also work in gigs that don’t require a lot of technical skills. Tech support roles at non-tech companies merely involve reading off scripts and helping people resolve trivial technical issues. It depends on the required skill set of the job and your salary will reflect that..

Smaller or lower-level IT support roles may pay as little as $33,000 per year.

Academic Experience

You don’t need a solid academic background to become an IT support specialist. Many IT support jobs—especially those at non-tech companies where you’re not expected to know or need to apply specialized IT knowledge—will only ask for an associate’s degree.

It’s not uncommon for high school graduates to become IT, support specialists. If you demonstrate great problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills, many companies may be willing to offer you a role and provide on-the-job training. The trade-off is that you could be offered a very low salary on account of your lack of experience.

But overall, tech workers with a bachelor’s degree and above will have an easier chance of hearing back from companies. They’ll also be prioritized for promotions and given higher pay.

Relevant Working Experience

The more relevant working experience you have, the higher your pay. Previous tech-related roles or internships will count as relevant working experience. But it’s possible to land an IT support job without any prior experience, as long as you demonstrate potential and have a good attitude during your interview.

According to Payscale, with less than a year of experience, you’ll be offered anywhere between $38,000 to $43,000.

Most companies will look for people with 1 to 2 years of experience in tech roles. If you’re part of this group, you could be offered around $49,000 a year.

Your pay will also increase as you build your working experience and seniority. For example, if you have more than 20 years in the business, Payscale has projected that you could get around $64,000 a year on average.

This is low for someone with two decades of experience in tech. But do note that IT support usually isn’t a role that tech workers will be in for their whole lives. IT support specialist is an entry-level position. When you’re in your third or fourth year in this role, you should be on track to getting a promotion for a better position, like a Systems Administrator or IT Manager.


As a remote worker, your salary will likely be adjusted based on where you live and work from. If you live in an area with a high cost of living, such as New York City or San Francisco, you’ll be paid more compared to someone working in the same position from Mobile, Alabama.

According to Glassdoor, an IT support specialist in NYC makes $65,165 per year on average, while a specialist working in Mobile, Alabama, makes $55,375 a year.

Considering how rent is over 250% more expensive in NYC and groceries are at least 50% pricier than in Mobile, a $10,000 adjustment is fair.

Negotiation Skills

Once you’ve received the job offer, you’re entitled to bargain for more if you think the salary isn’t high enough. Build a presentation and consider your qualifications, skills, and past working experience. The point is to sell yourself to the employer and make them realize that you’re worth more than they think.

In your presentation, focus on skills they’d be looking for in an ideal candidate for IT support roles.

  • Excellent communication skill
  • Great attention to detail
  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Deep understanding of relevant technologies

However, since it’s an entry-level position, we recommend not pushing the issue too much if a raise is turned down.

Do IT Support Specialists Feel Fairly Compensated?

The consensus among most people who have worked (or are working) in an IT support role is that the IT support technician salary is low. But they understand that the low salary merely reflects that the role is an entry-level position.

For fresh graduates and inexperienced people looking to enter the tech field, it’s not a bad job to get a start. But, as one reader notes, it’s important to continue learning and excelling at the job if you seek career advancement. Moving to higher, more well-paying positions like System Administrators is the only way to get a high salary.

UI/UX Designer Average Salary Levels by Seniority and Years of Experience

Below is a table showing the average total salary of an IT support specialist by seniority and years of experience, according to Glassdoor.


Years of Experience

Average Total Salary (Per Year)

Junior IT Support Specialist



IT Support Specialist



Senior IT Support Specialist



IT Support Specialist Manager



Fresh out of college, you can find junior-level jobs as an IT support specialist, with an average pay around $47,094 a year. As you work and gain more experience, you’ll be promoted to full IT support specialist. The pay is about $50,206 a year.

If you display exceptional talent, you can advance to senior-level IT support specialist (the average salary for this role is $64,993). As a senior-level worker, you’re paid even better than an IT support specialist manager, who’s paid only $55,733 a year.

Senior-level staff will usually have a very deep understanding of the company’s product or IT infrastructure. That’s why the salary for senior-level staff is better than the IT support manager salary, whose specialized knowledge may be a bit more limited. Managers tend to focus only on running and organizing the team rather than performing the job themselves.

Total IT Support Compensation

Of course, besides the salary and other financial compensations like bonuses, depending on the company you work for, you’ll also enjoy a host of non-financial benefits.

For example, if you work in technical support for Microsoft, you’ll enjoy benefits like employee discounts for Microsoft’s products, health insurancelife insurance, Paid Time Off (PTOs), gym membershipsjob training, and more.

Look into the company before you apply, then ask the recruiter once you’ve received the job offer to know exactly what sort of benefits and perks you’d get if you were to accept the new position.

How Do IT Support Salaries Compare to Other Jobs?


Salary Range (Avg)

Project Coordinator Salary ($80,716)

System Administrator

$81,718 per year


Network Engineer

$91,124 per year


IT Project Manager

$102,304 per year


IT Security Coordinator

$88,447 per year


The results aren’t surprising. Compared to other jobs in the tech sector, IT support roles are outmatched in compensation. Even the job with the most “modest” average salary in the chart above (System Administrator) pays $30,000 more than the average job in IT support.

All jobs here require above-par technical skills and knowledge, and the pay reflects that. This is why, if you take on an IT specialist role, it’s important not to get complacent. If you wish to make more than $50,000 a year, you need to work hard and learn, in order to get a promotion or a new job for a higher paying salary.

How Do IT Support Salaries Vary in Various Companies

Company Name

Total Salary Range (Avg)


$50,282 per year


$76,618 per year


$75,349 per year


$67,008 per year


$79,889 per year

Out of all the high-profile companies above, it’s quite surprising how low the average salary for Apple’s technical support workers is, especially compared to the wages of those who work for their rivals like Microsoft and IBM. At $50,000 per year, it’s right on the job’s average and is a pittance compared to Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, or Amazon IT Support Engineer salary, all of which are well beyond $60,000 at minimum.

Unfortunately, Apple is notorious for underpaying its retail workers. Their IT technical support staff, called “Genius” by Apple, just so happens to be part of this crew.

But the promise of having the name “Apple” on the resume is alluring for many tech workers who apply as Geniuses. Eventually, these IT support workers will move onto higher-paying jobs elsewhere, either in Apple itself or in an outside firm.

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